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Support the development and delivery of 'SSPH+ for sustainable health'!

SSPH+ will not have to pay fees for its presence at the upcoming Expo in Dubai. However, SSPH+ relies on project related funds and presently seeks to establish partnerships to support the development and delivery of 'SSPH+ for sustainable health'.

What could supporting 'SSPH+ for sustainable health' mean for you?

A chance to support the important work of young researchers that connects scientific research that is crucial for improving public health today to the general public – both online to multitudes of people and live to vast audiences at the upcoming Expo and future expeditions.

A chance to increase the exposure of your organization, both within the project material, on and offline. For instance, your organization can be endorsed in all video material of SSPH+ events and in live presentations.

An opportunity to collaborate on this important public health project and contribute to the development of its key deliverables that will reach wide, international audiences.

Join us in our effort to meet the sustainable development goals!

​Support us!

Choose from a variety of funding packages – entire or partial contributions, including tailor-made ones. Please do not hesitate to make an inquiry for further details about specific funding packges.

For further information about how you can support SSPH+ for sustainable health, please contact:

Daniela Erb:

+41 (0)44 634 59 57

We look forward to hearing from you!

Daniela Erb, SSPH+ Partnerships & Marketing