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Expo Dubai 2020 online with SSPH+

SSPH+ scientific debate training winners announced!

SSPH+ scientific debate training winners announced!

As pre- Expo event, SSPH+ Director, Prof. Nino Künzli participated online in the World Majilis on "The Pursuit of Happiness. Building healthier and happier communities in a post-COVID era" (Watch the session here: discussion platform starts at hour 1:52:05 until 3:05:00).

The winners of the SSPH+ scientific debate training of the Dubai Expo Training Program are Ezra Valido and Ana Lucía Oña Macías from Swiss Paraplegic Research at the University of Luzern. They are also both part of the SSPH+ Global PhD fellowship program in Public Health Sciences.Thank you to all of you from the SSPH+ community who voted for your favourite scientific debate video! Ezra and Ana will perform their debate live to the audiences of the Dubai Expo at the Swiss Pavilion in January, 2022.