About SSPH+ for sustainable health

SSPH+ for sustainable health: Health in all Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)

SSPH+ will showcase Swiss public health sciences related to the 17 SDG’s at the Swiss Pavilion of the Dubai Expo 2020 (postponed to October 2021-March 2022).

Where will 'SSPH+ for sustainable health' feature?

SSPH+ will feature at the Swiss Pavilion of the Expo Dubai 2020 where SSPH+ events are estimated to reach 10,000 visitors to the Swiss Pavilion per day and there are an expected 25 million visitors to the Expo! Moreover, SSPH+ will reach audiences far beyond the Expo through its strong virtual presence (e.g., via website and app versions of all of the project features). Thus, irrespective of potentially restrictive conse­quences of COVID-19 for reaching audiences in Dubai, 'SSPH+ for sustainable health' will remain relevant and accessible for time to come.

When will 'SSPH+ for sustainable health' showcase?

The Expo Dubai is divided into various thematic weeks that span from October 2021 to March 2022. SSPH+ will feature over four important different thematic weeks of the Expo; including: the “Global Goals week”(16-22.01.22), the “Health and Wellness week” (30.01-05.02.22), the “Food and Agriculture week” (20-26.02.22) and the “Water week” (20-26.03.22). Notably, SSPH+ will be the main partner of the “Health and wellness week”. This means that the spaces in the Swiss Pavilion that are available for all participating projects to be showcased are primarily dedicated to SSPH+ during this time.

SSPH+ Events

Our appearance at the Expo is based largely on the inputs of students from SSPH+ partner institutions who are involved in developing the events to be showcased online and live at the Expo. For instance, through expert lead trainings of the SSPH+ Dubai Expo Training Program, students developed important skills to help them present their scientific research in engaging ways to the huge audiences expected at the Expo and virtually. All trainings and student contributions to SSPH+ for sustainable health are strongly supported by the valuable expertise of SSPH+ faculty and partner collaborators.

SSPH+ is a main partner at the Swiss Pavilion!

"Today, more than ever, the Expo has become an essential platform for discussing the challenges of the world.. and Switzerland is happy to be part of it!" Manuel Salchli, Swiss Pavilion Commissioner, Expo 2020 Dubai

Who is 'SSPH+ for sustainable health' for?

'SSPH+ for sustainable health' is not only targeted towards the large international audiences of the Swiss Pavilion but also to multitudes of online viewers of the Expo events, both during and after the Expo. Moreover, the project is designed for implementation at other contexts beyond the Expo, where it is also expected to reach audiences of all different backgrounds, ages and cultures. As such, it is a vital aim of 'SSPH+ for sustainable health' is to connect scientific research in the
field of public health and SDG’s in a way that can be meaningfully
understood by all people, not only by those with scientific backgrounds.This is a crucial goal as in order to meet the goals of the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN, the cooperation of all people is necessary.